Weather conditions complicating efforts to contain Woodbury Fire

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Mother Nature turned up the heat on fire crews battling wildfires as crews endure triple-digit temperatures and windy conditions out at the Woodbury Fire, which continues to burn east of the Valley.

As of Thursday evening, officials said the fire has burned around 10,800 acres of land, and it's 0% contained. Crews said it's been tough fighting the fire with the current weather conditions and in hopes to finally contain it, they're more doubling their manpower from about 200.

"We have bumped up to 450 personnel," said Denise Ottaviano, a spokesperson with the Southwest Area Management Team. "We've got a lot more engine crews, air support, heavy equipment, [and] supplies. We have a lot more resources coming in today."

Patrick Bulger, an avid hiker and photographer, said while the fire may not be affecting homes, it's hurting a lot of hikers.

"We just took a picture from the road with a 200mm lens that I use to zoom in on the fire," said Bulger. "There is no way you can really get in there. They have everything blocked off."

Officials said hikers need to avoid the Woodbury and Rogers Trough Trailheads. Besides safety concerns, public traffic could block firefighters' attempts to reach the area.