10 arrested following drug busts in El Mirage

Nearly a dozen people were arrested on drug charges Wednesday, following an investigation that stretched eight months and a morning raid on three "drug houses".

The arrests took place in a neighborhood in El Mirage, where multiple law enforcement agencies served search warrants. A total of 10 people were arrested, and they are believed to be held a the 4th Avenue Jail facing drug charges, and possibly weapons charges.

Swat teams raided three homes at 7:00 a.m., with two of the homes located right next to each other. The other home is located across the street.

"El Mirage is becoming a new and vibrant city, and we're not going to tolerate any criminal activity," said Sge. Chris Culp with El Mirage Police.

According to Detective Jon Roberson with the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Street Crimes Unit, all three homes are connected to connection to the sale and use of Meth and Heroin. he said the quality of the area will improve, now that the drug houses have been shut down.