100-year-old fan predicts Cards Super Bowl win

Delma Graham of Sun Lakes is 100-years-young as they say. And Delma really is.

There are casual fans and then there's Delma. She's a fierce Cardinals fan since the team came to Arizona, so devoted that the team gave her a jersey for her 100th birthday.

While Delma wouldn't mind suiting up for the Cards, and play if needed, she's happy to have Carson Palmer as the first stringer.

In fact she's downright optimistic about the team's chances, and not intimidated by the 14-1 Carolina Panthers. She's predicting the Cardinals will go all the way.

So they will win the Super Bowl? "As much as I can guarantee that, I guarantee that," said Delma Graham.

Delma has two children, five grandchildren, nine great grand children, and two great great grand children. So she can pass her love of the Cardinals from generation, to generation, to generation.