16-year-old Higley HS student passes away

"I look at people with cancer that have 3 months to live, people with no limbs or arms, and I feel lucky inside," said Riggs Gibbons during a video he had recorded and his family posted to Facebook this week.

"We are just lighting the pathway for the Gibbons family when they come home from the viewing tonight, so they can feel the light and warmth that we all are giving to them in a very physical and visual way, and we wanted to represent the light that Riggs brought into all of our lives, because there wasn't a room that he didn't light up from his smile and personality," said Danielle Caldwell.

"I think he showed everyone how to have a good time, every time that you were down or being a bit too serious, he would wind you up by telling a joke or doing something stupid, that he would love to do, that's what Riggs was to everybody," said Chaz Welch, Rigg's friend.

Sadly Riggs is the third Higley HS student to pass away this year. Earlier this week a student committed suicide, and yet another student died in a zip lining accident earlier this year.

Riggs's funeral service is scheduled for Saturday morning.