2 armed home invasion robberies stun North Phoenix residents

Terrifying moments for two women who are both victims of very similar home invasions. The incident happened about 20 minutes apart on the morning of Nov. 18, and the suspect is still on the loose.

The homes involved in the invasions are just a few miles from each other in North Phoenix. In both cases, the women were home alone when it happened.

"As he took her through the house, it was with a gun pointed at her," said the daughter of one of the victims, identified only as "Kelly."

Kelly's mother was at her home and starting her day when an armed man barged in.

"Mom had just finished working out this morning, so she was just done with a workout," said Kelly. "She had the garage door just from running in and out. He went into the garage door and on his way out, he had the audacity to say 'this would’ve never happened if your garage door was closed.'"

Kelly says her mother was terrified. The suspect, who is unknown to police, walked the victim through the house while pointing a gun at her, and took several items.

"Just came in with a gun and asked for a bunch of stuff from her jewelry, money, and if they had a safe," said Kelly.

A mere 20 minutes before the incident involving Kelly's mother, Phoenix Police responded to an armed robbery at a home near Tatum and Grovers Avenue. Currently, it is unclear if the two incidents are connected.

"There’s probably better ways to solve whatever financial problems you’re in, so of course, we would love our stuff back, but more importantly, instead of doing this to other people, I’m sure you could access different resources to help solve whatever financial situation you’re in," said Kelly.

Anyone with information should call Phoenix Police.