2 AZ GOP delegates resign over Trump

Arizona has 58 delegates to the upcoming GOP convention in Cleveland. It turns out 9 of them are not going; they will be replaced by backups. Most of the delegates who decided not to go say they have family or other commitments. They include Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Secretary of State Michelle Reagan. But two delegates say they are not going because they cannot support Donald Trump.

According to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Donald Trump doesn't have the knowledge of the issues or the temperament to be President. His recent comments about Mexican and Muslim judges and profiling Muslims are over the line.

"We have a candidate that is beyond the pale. He has thrived on bait and switch politics, no track record showing he shares our values as conservative. He has thrived on demagoguery with nativism and populism. That is not conservatism," said Dr. Jasser.

State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt, who has been active with the Trump campaign, says he's not particularly concerned with a delegate defecting and not wanting to go to Cleveland.

"Well if he doesn't want to support the nominee, he should resign. He is doing the right thing," said Jeff Dewitt.

"And I am glad they do this because it opens up spots for some good hard working Trump delegates who actually want to be there," he said.

Meanwhile, the AZ GOP is confident Donald Trump will win Arizona in November.

"Arizona Republicans are motivated, anxious, enthusiastic, and opening 12 victory offices for volunteers and people who want to engage," said Robert Graham.

Frank Riggs a onetime California Congressman, who came to Arizona and was a Republican delegate, said he could not support Donald Trump and also resigned.