2 Colorado residents arrested for allegedly setting booby traps, injuring 1 person

Two Colorado residents have been arrested after the device they set outside their front door injured a person.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a call on March 10 referencing someone being injured by a "possible booby trap." 

The victim told officials he was conducting business in Highlands Ranch, when he heard and felt a loud boom as he went to the front door of one of the houses. 

When he looked down, he saw that a wire was caught around his lower leg. The victim also described pain in his ear and affected vision.

He told the deputy that he believed the wire was suspended over one of the steps leading up to the front door. He also said he was confronted by a male, who he thought was the homeowner. That’s when the victim then left the area, and with the help of a coworker, went to the hospital.

A few days later, while detectives were investigating the incident, they said they saw a similar device, as described by the victim, in the same area, on the steps leading to the front door.


While detectives were investigating the incident, they said they found a similar device, as described by the victim, on the door's steps. (Credit: Douglas County Sheriff's Office)

On Thursday, a search warrant was executed at the house, where they noticed the device still near the front door and a similar device located on the steps of the back of the house. 

As a result of the search warrant, and a short stand-off by a female inside, two individuals were taken into custody, according to the department. 


Photos of the "booby trap" device investigated by officials. (Credit: Douglas County Sheriff's Office)

Bryan Hill and Tracy Remington were booked with several charges, including 2nd-degree assault, felony menacing and prohibited use of a weapon. Bond is currently set at $25,000.

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.