29 Orlando shooting victims remain hospitalized

Authorities say 29 people remain at Orlando Regional Medical Center -- five of them in grave condition -- following Sunday's mass shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub.

In total, ORMC treated 44 victims of the shooting. Central Florida's Level One Trauma Center was the first to receive patients from Pulse, which is less than a mile from the hospital.

Teams of nurses, paramedics and doctors took the victims immediately. They called in extra surgeons to come and deal with the massive amount of people who were arriving at the emergency room, officials say.

Since the shooting incident, hospital staff have performed about 30 surgeries on victims who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds and broken limbs. Others were treated for injuries from being trampled on in a stampede of club patrons. Family members have been waiting at bedsides of many patients who remain hooked to tubes and life support systems.

Six people have been released since the shooting, and doctors say the prognoses are improving for those who remained hospitalized -- based on their conditions and their vital signs.