3 adorable pups now have a new forever home

They come as a packaged deal, and they have all been adopted, according to officials!

Meet Chihuahua mixes Tiny, Teddy and Lola, a pit bull, who are all about 4 years old.

"We're really hoping that someone will come in and adopt all three," a spokesperson with Maricopa Animal Care and Control said earlier Wednesday. "Lola is the bigger one and she is blind, so the other two, it's not that they guide her around, but they really boost her confidence. When she's not with them, she tends to shrink down and not really move a lot."

The dogs came into the shelter as strays, but after making the rounds on social media, it turns out the dogs had owners.

"The family reached out to us and said these are our dogs and let us know their names and said who was who and said you know right now we're going through a really tough time and unfortunately we can't take them back and it's breaking our hearts," the spokesperson said.

The family hopes that someone can adopt all of them together.

"If there's someone out there that has room for three dogs I think that the dogs would be happy, but the family and kids in the family would be thrilled," the spokesperson said.

On Wednesday afternoon, officials announced the dogs were adopted.