A little "LOVE" goes a long way: Man's outdoor art gets unlikely donation

More proof that a little love can go a long way: a Tempe man is using his artistic talent to spread a little love in his neighborhood.

Ryan McDermott and his wife work on all sorts of art projects, but it's their "Love Swing" that is drawing the most attention right now. It sits outside on their front lawn near Mill Avenue and Apache.

Above the wooden swing is a brightly lit "Love" sign. They built it last Valentine's Day as a way to put a smile on people's faces as they drive down the road.

But when the lights began to fail, Ryan never got around to fixing them. That was until a complete stranger left an anonymous envelope with money and a note. He told them the swing always made him happy when he would walk by and he was sad to see it completely dark -- and that stranger was even willing to pay to repair it.

"So that totally broke our hearts because we just hadn't fixed it or hadn't redone it because we were lazy, so we said drop everything today and pull some other lights out of projects and make the lights brighter than they were before and say hey, they're dedicated to that guy," said Ryan.

"We see people out here, especially at night. It almost looks like they're sneaking something because they'll sit in it or take a picture by it and we'll see them out the window and they think they're not supposed to do it, which is cute," he said.

Ryan says he's determined to keep it illuminated from now on and even plans to make improvements to it.