ACs, AC technicians working overtime in blistering Arizona heat

It's a busy season for air conditioning technicians as they repair units right now in Arizona as the state faces record-breaking heat.

Temperatures are soaring, which means people are inside and staying cool - but that means their air conditioning is running 24/7.

"We have been really busy," said technician Drew Todino with Complete Comfort Home Services. "It's our busy season."

AC technicians with Complete Comfort Home Services have been running from one call to the next. It's a two-man business, with the duo working into the night hours as they provide relief for their clients by fixing units giving out in this heat.

"They have a higher heat load, so capacities will fail and cause people's fan motor to stop running overheat things like that," Todino said.

Complete Comfort is telling people to get their maintenance scheduled now so that they aren't left stranded in these brutal temperatures.

"It’s a big experience for our clients when they are sitting in 115 degree weather and their system goes out," said Todino. "That’s why we do what we can to stay cool."

There's also an equipment shortage, so if you're in need of a part, you may have to wait to get it - making maintenance checks even more crucial right now.

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