Adesa Mesa, Openlane collect bikes for Luke Air Force Base families

Adesa Mesa has donated over 1,000 bikes and scooters to children and families stationed at Luke Air Force Base since the launch of its foundation "My First Wheels" five years ago.

Ever since the launch, it's been a gift that keeps on giving.

"These families get shipped from place to place and they always have to leave things behind and we just thought, what a great idea to give them some bikes and toys so that way when they do have time as a family, they can go out for bike rides, spend time with their kids," said David Gonzales of Adesa Mesa.

This year, the company is back at it again, cleaning and refurbishing old bikes, while also assembling new ones to hand-deliver to Luke Air Force Base families.

"When they come in and we present these bikes, it makes me cry, but they're so grateful every year and we just keep giving and giving," said Barbi Nix of Adesa Mesa.

Adesa Mesa says they'll continue their partnership with the families at Luke Air Force Base.

"It's really cool to be able to build these bikes and give back to the kids that don't always have it on deck," said Jennifer Pasquale of Adesa Mesa.

Adesa Mesa is sending the bikes as a thank you for their service to the community.