ADOT to warn people of wrong-way driving incidents with ramp meter lights

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Officials with ADOT say they will utilize some of the ramp meter lights found on freeway onramps along I-17 to warn drivers that a wrong-way vehicle has been detected.

According to a statement issued Wednesday, this is part of a pilot wrong-way vehicle detection system that is being tested by ADOT. Once the system detects a wrong-way vehicle, it will also turn on the red lights on ramp meters within three miles of a detected wrong-way vehicle, in an effort to hold off traffic.

"The ramp meter lights are traffic signals, so I-17 drivers on entrance ramps should be prepared to stop if the light is a solid red, no matter what time of day," said ADOT Systems Technology Group Manager Susan Anderson, in the statement.

According to ADOT officials, the system has, since it went operation in January, detected over 30 wrong-way vehicles entering I-17 offramps and frontage roads.