Ahwatukee home raided; FBI, Postal Inspector involved in investigation

Multiple agencies raided an upscale home in Ahwatukee. At least a dozen teenagers were found, possibly living there against their will.

It all started with a search warrant at the house, but we're still not sure what investigators, including the FBI, were actually looking for.

Multiple Federal agencies and local police surrounded the home early Tuesday morning, but now there are more questions than answers as to why, which has some neighbors concerned.

"We moved to this neighborhood because it's supposed to be pretty affluent neigborhood... you just don't have stuff like this happen," said an area resident.

Phoenix Police assisted the U.S. Postal Inspector, as well as the FBI in a search warrant at the house.

According to Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who lives in the area and represents the district, the investigation began as some sort of mail fraud.

Early Tuesday morning, DiCiccio claimed there were more than 12 children of African decent living in the house, being used for door-to-door sales in the area. He called it a human trafficking case, but later recanted that statement, saying that was unconfirmed.

Right now, the Federal authorities involved are staying quiet, only saying there is some sort of investigation underway, leaving some who live in the area a bit uneasy.

"It's probably just a fluke -- it's probably just a fluke. You hear of this stuff happening all over the place... it's just strange, it's happening in this neighborhood.. you know, you wouldn't expect it," said a neighbor.

We are told by the FBI that as of Tuesday afternoon, there had been no arrests made.

We'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest information.