All cows recaptured after running loose following crash

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The last of the runaway cattle have finally been wrangled into captivity.

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It started early Monday morning when a truck carrying 89 young steers overturned on the cloverleaf of interstate 75 and 285 early Monday morning.

The cowboys were called to round up the last of the runaway bovine, a young bull who spent hours eluding Sandy Springs Police, Animal Control and others in the woods behind a vacant restaurant on Powers Ferry Road.

The stubborn steer was safely placed in a trailer after a bit of a tussle with police earlier.

"He charged at a couple of our officers hit a couple of them in the knee so I don't think they'll have any serious injuries but we're taking them to the hospital letting them get checked out," said Sgt. Sam Worsham, with Sandy Springs Police.

At one point one of the loose cattle ended up in the water, only adding to the confusion and chaos of rounding up the herd which escaped from an overturned truck on the cloverleaf at Interstate 75 and 285 early Monday morning.

Many of the bovine scattered on the freeway, clogging traffic and causing at least four wrecks according to Sandy Springs Police.

The cowboys were called in to help steer the young bulls into captivity.

"Today has been an adventure you know, I got the phone call about 4:15 this morning, the state called and said is there any way possible you can get out here," said Scott Brown, a cowboy with Northeast Georgia Livestock.

Brown and his cavalry of cowboys were called in by the state, spending the day helping police, animal control and others catch what he described as young bulls, each weighing 400 to 500 pounds.

"They were headed to Cartersville to a farm up there but they're at Calhoun stockyard right now," said Brown

He said a herd of 89 were in the truck when it overturned. Brown said most were captured in a few hours after snarling traffic, ten were killed in the accident and two eluded the lasso until the last was hauled in around eight.

"The last count we had was 89, this is number 89 right here. That's got to feel good. Oh yeah we're glad it came to an end finally," said Sgt. Sam Worsham.

"It's been a lot of hard work because we saved a lot of cattle that were laying down in that truck that was turned over that we saved, that if it would have took a long time they would all have died," said Brown.

Police said the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital with injuries.

The cause of the crash is still unknown.