Another incident involving a Boeing plane; CO man accused of committing disgusting act | Nightly Roundup

From another incident involving a Boeing plane to a rather shocking act that landed one man in hot water, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Friday, March 15, 2024.

1. Another incident involving a Boeing plane


United flight from San Francisco lands with missing panel

The plane was a Boeing 737 that was headed to Medford, Oregon. The missing panel was discovered when the plane was being parked, according to a United Airlines spokesperson.

2. Colorado man in legal trouble following this disgusting act


Man ejaculated on food while working at Safeway grocery store, police say

The man was arrested in February after he was allegedly seen exposing himself in front of several businesses.

3. "Somebody needs to be accountable"


Police still searching for suspects a year after Phoenix man was shot dead

It has been a year since a man was shot and killed at an apartment in Phoenix, and as members of the victim's family continue to mourn and remember his life, police are still looking for those responsible.

4. Realtor group agrees to slash commission


Realtors agree to axe 6% commissions in NAR lawsuit settlement

Real estate commissions could be lowered by 30% under a landmark court settlement: Industry experts say it will bring down home prices nationwide.

5. Man learns his fate after pleading guilty to murder, assault


Man gets life in prison for murder, assault of 2 Mesa women

A man who pleaded guilty to the murder and assault of two women over three decades ago in Mesa has been sentenced to life in prison.

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