Apartment complex offers more than just place to stay, but a way out of homelessness

To say that Gloria Hardy is happy about her new apartment would be an understatement.

"It means a lot, I'm very grateful. I have a brand new stove and dishwasher," said Hardy.

For years, Hardy found herself out on the streets. Never seeing a way out of homelessness until she was accepted by a program called 'A New Leaf.'

Now, she has her very own apartment in Mesa.

"The residents all come from chronically homeless situations and all different kinds of backgrounds and are here and housed and very comfortable," said an organizer.

All the residents who live here at the new $35 million development are recommended by case workers and other agencies to the City of Mesa.

But La Mesita, as the complex is called, is a lot more than just apartments. They offer help with jobs, childcare and counseling programs all on site.

"It's been such a blessing, just a complete miracle, because I never saw myself as having a stable living environment again because of my situation," said Donisha Galbreath, a resident.

The residents now have a way to push the reset button on their lives, and once again realize their dreams.

"A bed, thank you, you're grateful for it, you want to decorate it, you just feel good with your own keys," said Hardy.