Arizona Gov. Ducey extends executive order for opioid-related data

PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has extended the increased reporting of opioid-related data by renewing his recent executive order for another 60 days. The order issued June 13 allows state health officials to obtain critical information within 24-hours of an opioid-related overdose or the identification of a baby with drug withdrawal symptoms.

In 2016, an average of more than two people per day lost their lives to opioid overdose in Arizona.

Ducey issued an emergency declaration in June to address the growing number of opioid deaths around the state.

His original executive order was set to expire 60 days after issuance, as required by statute.

Arizona Department of Health Services officials say since reporting began on June 15, more than 1,400 suspect opioid overdoses have been reported including 206 deaths.