Arizona Humane Society save 10-week-old kitten from drain in Chandler

On a hot, 103 degree day, the Arizona Humane Society got a call about a kitten meowing at the bottom of a drain near a drainage area in Chandler.

Arizona Human Society Emergency Animal Medical Technician (EAMT), Andy Gallo, was dispatched to the scene.

It took three people to remove the grate so Gallo could get an extension pole in the drain. He used an extension pole and restraint pole with duct tape in order to reach the 10-week-old Tabby kitten who was 20 feet underground.

As shown in the video, he secured the end around the kitten and pulled him to safety.

The kitten, who was hungry and thirsty, was transported to AHS's trauma hospital for observation.

The humane society says the kitten is too young and too little to be adopted out, so the kitten is now in an AHS foster hero home with one of the AHS dispatchers who sent Gallo out on the call.

If not adopted by his foster mom, the kitten will likely be up for adoption in the weeks to come, according to the AHS.