Arizona Marine, family presented with mortgage-free home

Last year, United States Marine Sgt. Nathaniel Bitsui, his wife, and their five kids learned they were receiving a mortgage-free home on a national television show, and today, they received the keys.

"It's very amazing," Sgt. Bitsui said. "Me and the family are pretty excited."

Sgt. Bitsui and his family saw the inside of their home in El Mirage for the first time.

Sgt. Bitsui enlisted for the first time in 2003 and served two tours in Iraq and one in Japan. He was injured during his last deployment.

"Pretty much I got a fragmentation from an IED... for the latter part of my career I was assigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton, worked through most of my issues," he said.

The house, which was donated by the non-profit Building Homes for Heroes, is equipped with grab bars for the sergeant and other necessities for his children, one of whom is special needs.

"Building Homes for Heroes is a non-profit organization," Vicky Liu said. "We give free homes to wounded veterans who served after 9/11. This house is our 145th home since 2006 and today this is our home number 15 in Arizona."

"It is wonderful, it provides financial security, reassurance, gathering our family will be OK for a long, long time," Jessica Bitsui said.

Building Homes for Heroes