Arizona sees new opportunities as more businesses relocate to the state

Many people are moving to Arizona, and many businesses are doing the same thing.

Officials with the Arizona Commerce Authority say these companies are being jobs with them as they move to Arizona. Between 2015 and 2019, 519 companies relocated to or expanded in the state. In all, they added more than 17,000 manufacturing jobs between January 2015 and February 2020.

 One company owner in Arizona says nearly five years ago, he thought of relocating, but took a step back and decided to stay after talking with the Governor.

Now, Girish Rishi with Blue Yonder, the world's largest independent supply chain software company, says his company has flourished.

"We have expanded our workforce. We have expanded and invested significantly in Arizona," said Rishi.

Rishi says Arizona offers universities, which brings talent to companies, affordable living, and diversity of business. 

"It also that brings diversity of workforce demographics, and as well as skill sets," said Rishi. "I’m very excited because more businesses bring more talent to Arizona."

Officials with the Arizona Commerce Authority say this is an exciting time for the state. Sandra Watson with the ACA says companies want a place like Arizona, where they can be globally competitive with close proximity to California, Mexico, and a strong relationship with Canada.

Arizona offers just that.

"So, our focus is to ensure Arizona’s business climate remains very friendly to businesses, both the corporate headquarters as well as manufacturers, and we also focus on developing a very strong ecosystem for our technology entrepreneurs," said Watson.

ACA officials say they do expect more companies to come to Arizona in the coming years.

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