Arizona Senator Sinema holds roundtable with veteran small business owners in Phoenix

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was in Phoenix on Sept. 25 to meet with veteran small business owners, and discuss ways to help them.

The independent senator said she wanted to meet with the business owners, to see how state and federal dollars can be utilized to help more of them

"I know how hard it is to leave your business to come spend time talking," said Sen. Sinema.

During the meeting, Sen. Sinema listened to concerns and questions from each of the veteran small business owners in attendance. Among those in attendance was Anthony Newkirk. He said he needed help accessing Federal funds through Medicaid and Medicare to continue his rehab facility.

"The senator listened to a lot of the veterans," said Newkirk, who owns a business called Warriors Code. "We all don't have the same issues, but we all have the same mission: to support other veterans."

Sen. Sinema said these business owners would be among the people directly impacted by a possible government shutdown. It is something the Senate is almost entirely unified in preventing.

"The fact that we have a possible government shutdown coming is distressing, but more importantly, it’s irresponsible," said Sen. Sinema. "Small businesses can’t get access to the [Small Business Administration]. They can’t get access to capital, or the help that they need to run their business every day."

The senator also addressed the recent wave of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico Border. She pointed blame at the Biden Administration, and called on the President to take action ahead of his expected visit to Arizona later this week.

"He's come to Arizona multiple times. He's never been to the border," said Sen. Sinema. "He should go to the border and see the crisis, and then, he and his administration should use the dollars that we've appropriated to stop the flow of migrants, and keep our border communities safe."