Arizona voters may be able to vote on expanded abortion access come November

The campaign seeking to protect abortion access says it has collected more than enough qualifying signatures to get on the Arizona ballot in November.

But, others say this measure is unregulated by medical professionals for those seeking an abortion past the 15-week mark.

Leaders of Arizona for Abortion Access say they have collected over 500,000 signatures from voters. It’s more than enough votes to get it on the November ballot to put the measure in front of Arizona voters.

Under current state law, abortions are legal up to 15 weeks of pregnancy with an exception after that to save the mother’s life.

"Our ballot initiative would enshrine abortion up to fetal viability and after fetal viability, as determined by a medical professional, then there's some protection for folks who would need abortion for the life of the pregnant person, or the physical and mental health of a pregnant person," said Chris Love, spokesperson for Arizona for Abortion Access.

Those in opposition to the measure, with the campaign called, It Goes Too Far, say it’s too broad and allows those without the proper medical training to facilitate an abortion, putting the safety of women at risk.

"We remain focused on informing voters that this amendment means giving up those critical safety precautions and that requires medical doctors. Just to expand abortion beyond the 15 weeks and beyond what most voters support," said Cindy Dahlgren, spokesperson for It Goes Too Far.

It also allows a minor to make that decision on their own, Dahlgren said.

"Under this amendment, parents will be shut out. They will be shut out of their minor daughter’s abortion decision," she said.

Arizona for Abortion Access says this comes down to who should be allowed to make this decision for women.

"We believe firmly that pregnant people should have the freedom to make decisions about abortions with their families and medical providers, not politicians," Love said.

It goes too far, Dahlgren says, and adds that there needs to be limits in place.

"We know that almost 80% of voters support limits on abortion. This amendment has none," she said.

Eight other states plan to put the issue to voters in November.

Arizona for Abortion Access needed about 384,000 signatures by July 3. They've surpassed that goal as they’ve collected over 500,000 and plan to collect more.