Arizonans bringing holiday cheer despite a dreary year

With record job losses and business closures across the state, one might think holiday shopping is way down this year. However, Arizonans are doing everything they can to keep Scrooge away.

Susan Stone needed to get one last item to make sure her Christmas items compete with the rest of the block. After all, it's the time of year where lights shimmer across neighborhoods to welcome Santa and his sleigh.

"I'm not decorating as much on the inside but on the outside, yeah," said Stone.

Meanwhile, Paige Depalo's store Three Vintage Chicks has been able to keep up with the high demand.

"This is our best Christmas ever. No doubt about it," Depalo said.

Depalo thinks more people are trying to showcase their Christmas spirit as an escape from this difficult year.

"I think people are having a difficult time. People are stuck at home people, are kind of sad, but Christmas is Christmas, and I think more people are decorating their homes because they are home," said Depalo. "I think people are looking for an escape."

According to the National Retail Federation, stores stocked up in record numbers leading up to winter to fend off any hoarding like we saw in March and April.

FOX 10 saw shelves stocked across the Valley on Sunday - good news for people who want to bring some cheer during a strange Christmas.