Arizonans rehabbing damaged outdoor plants from summer 2020

It’s the first day of fall and people are flocking to local Valley nurseries as they're bewildered by the toll summer 2020 took on their plants and trees, killing many of them.

One person said, "That's never happened before ... They love the sun, but just too much too long. Another said, "I have one palm tree that's OK, and the other looks like it's dead."

Summer 2020 was the hottest on record for Phoenix, according to the National Weather Service.

Those in the Valley are looking to rehab or replace their landscaping, so many are heading to local nurseries in droves for advice, and unfortunately new plants.

This is the busiest season Moon Valley Nurseries has seen in years, Sal Bracale says.

"All the weather and the lack of rain and extreme heat, there's a lot of plants that are dying that never have in years past and really mature trees that are, unfortunately," he said.

Bracale calls this time of year "recovery time," saying now is the time to fertilize your plants and trees and check your irrigation schedule.

Fall is planting season for many in Arizona, he said, adding, "You want to put them in now so they have a chance to root out before it gets real cold. There's a big push from all of our clients to come in and get it done early and often right now."

Do your homework or seek expert advice before you plant this fall, Bracale says, so you aren’t back at the nursery in a few months wondering what went wrong.

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