As 'Bush Fire' continues to burn, some residents refuse to evacuate

With a number of evacuation orders issued as a result of the Bush Fire, some residents are refusing to evacuate.

On Friday, officials confirmed the fire has burned 150,000 acres of land and is 7% contained. Over 850 personnel are assigned to fight the fire.

According to the Gila County Sheriff's Office, all residents and businesses in the following areas should evacuate, as they are under a 'go' notice: Highway 188 from Punkin Center to the 188 - Highway 87 Junction, to include Jakes Corner, Pioneer Pass, Brownsville, and Slate Creek.

Earlier, officials say the following areas were under a 'go' notice: Tonto Basin/Punkin Center from Highway 188 and A-Cross Road to Highway 188 at Rambo Realty. This includes all residents on both sides of the highway and both sides of the creek.

Residents in the Sunflower area and the Apache Lake area have also been ordered to evacuate.

A 'go' notice means people should evacuate immediately.

Woman explains her decision to not evacuate

"I'm still seeing smoldering. It looks honestly like a war zone. Everything is burnt," said Rashelle Ranft.

For Ranft, who lives in Sunflower, it's a sight unlike anything she has ever seen before. However, she is staying behind to protect her home.

"We were going to do everything in our power to help make sure that our home, everything we have, didn't burn down," said Ranft. "It's sad enough that our backyard burnt down. This is beyond what I've ever imagined. It's heartbreaking."