ASU student helps ADOT with Arizona weather problems

From the looks of this blowing dust, you would think that we are already in monsoon season, but these hazy skies are the product of one windy spring.

Paul is a meteorology graduate student at ASU and is the first to have interned at ADOT and he helps ADOT by forecasting weather events that affect the roads.

ADOT says Paul's wind and dust knowledge has been indispensable.

During the monsoon, collapsing thunderstorms are what power our dust storms. but Paul says the recent blowing

Paul says the winds should die down in the next couple of weeks, but the start of La Nina has something else in store.

Paul has also helped ADOT with forecasting weather events, like snow to help them get their crews out there and put the salt down before the snow hits the roads.

Paul's wrapping up his internship at ADOT but hopes to work with the National Weather Service full-time after he completes his program.