Attorney's office mulling more charges in Hamilton hazing scandal

Officials with Chandler Police Department confirmed Monday that they have recommended charges against Hamilton High School's former head football coach, in connection with the school's hazing investigation.

In a brief statement released Monday, Chandler Police officials said on the evening of July 21, they completed a submittal to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, recommending charges against Steve Belles and Ken James.

In a statement released to FOX 10 Phoenix earlier on Monday, the MCAO said the Chandler Police Department has filed a submittal for more possible charges against individuals linked to the hazing scandal involving the Hamilton High School football team, but did not identify the individuals.

Thus far, several football players are facing charges in connection with the hazing incidents, including 17-year-old Nathaniel Thomas. Thomas is being charged as an adult in the case.

As for Belles, he was first "reassigned to home," and then replaced as head coach altogether.

Statement released by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office:

"The Maricopa County's Attorney's Office can confirm that we have received a submittal from the Chandler Police Department to review for possible charging. The submittal covers additional individuals linked to the on-going investigation of assaults at Hamilton High School involving the football program. As in any criminal case, we will continue to partner with law enforcement to assess the reasonable likelihood of conviction in a charging decision. The investigation continues into conduct that is well beyond any legitimate activity involved in a football program. Anyone who was subjected to hazing activities at Hamilton High School are encouraged to notify the Chandler Police Department."