Augmented Reality mural in Downtown Phoenix inspires new generation of voters

There is a new campaign underway to inspire the next generation of voters called "18 in 2018".

The mural is painted on a wall in Downtown Phoenix's Roosevelt Row, and when using an app, the wings actually come to life behind the person.

"This age group, they enjoy and they love street art, and so, we wanted to connect the two. Come to their community and show them that by registering to vote, you can really take flight with your voice," said Voter Education Director Gina Roberts. It's a project she has been working on for quite some time.

"We want to connect to every voter across the state. So, we're looking at creating the mural, the take flight mural, and have it in a recordable format, so all of our county election officials can utilize that in their outreach efforts as well."

"The amazing thing about Augmented Reality is it allows you to do more storytelling, through the blend of technology and art," said Benjamin Dveirin, who worked on the technical side of the project, making the wings come to life via the Shazam app.

"It's developed with a QR code that then unlocks the experience," said Dveirin. "A lot of different people will develop different types of QR codes, and then, all of that information that's visual is locked away in a digital experience that can only be seen on your phone."

It was the first time Phoenix muralist Lauren Lee ever created an Augmented Reality piece.

"Searched different stages of flight. I looked at a lot of stop motion videos of what actually happens to wings," said Lee.

Lee had to paint the mural multiple times to get the full virtual effect.