Avoiding Identity Theft: 5 details you shouldn't give Facebook

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - There are five simple things you can do which will help you avoid identity theft on Facebook, according to a report.

1. Never share your phone number: Thieves would love to use this information against you.

2. Never share your home address: Just imagine if a criminal knew exactly where you lived.

3. Never share anything work-related: Similar to your home address, you wouldn't want a criminal knowing where you work. That could potentially even cause issues for other employees.

4. Never share your relationship status: This could invite awkwardness. Plus, criminals/scammers use social media, email and dating sites to create a romantic connection with you and then swindle you out of money.

5. Never share your payment information: Facebook is free, but still wants a credit card number. If a criminal or hacker were to break into your Facebook, they would have access to your card information.

Report originally from Kim Komando