Avondale Police demonstrate body cameras

Body cameras for police officers are becoming more common across the country, so confrontations between officers and suspects can be documented.

The Avondale Police Department gave a demonstration on how these cameras work.

Body cameras are a way to ensure police follow every procedure they learn in training, protecting the police, and the public who they interact with.

In a demonstration Avondale Police showed a traffic stop. Officers Jaret Redfearn and Christopher Beckett both were wearing body cameras as they walked up to FOX 10's crew.

During the scenario the officers asked on camera if there was a weapon in the vehicle. They issued commands and secured it. A confrontation could have started at several different times in the stop, and officers asked several times if there was a gun in the car.

The department is testing two different types of body cameras. One is a shoulder mounted model, the other is worn on the officer's chest. Both officers say the cameras are a good idea.

"If we have a body-worn camera on an officer that captures video from his vantage point that can be released to the public, it will help the public better understand what happened," said Officer Jaret Redfearn.

Avondale Police stressed that their officers constantly try to defuse situations before they turn tense and potentially deadly.