Bad air persists for Valley on Tuesday, prompting No Burn Day

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality declared another "No Burn" Day in Maricopa County on Tuesday, due to dangerous levels of tiny particles in the air.

The "No Burn" Day meant people should not use their fireplace, and should not use leaf blowers to clean up. ADEQ officials said people try to not do anything that can kick up dust.

It's another indication the brown cloud isn't just bad for hikers, runners, and other people working out.

It's bad for everyone.

"I have always had something, sniffle, cough, something here, but it gets worse and worse," said Ralph Carpenter.

With no wind in the Valley, bad air is sticking around. The problem with the Valley's air is particulate matters, or matters that are too small to see.

"They can lodge very deep into the lungs," said Joanna Strother with the American Lung Association in Arizona. "It can inflame the lungs, cause extra mucus production, swell the lung, the airway of the lung."

Other suggestions to help clear the air involve not driving on dirt roads, if it can be avoided, as well as avoiding the use of off-road vehicles, and carpool or telecommute, if possible.