Bail bondsmen raid Police Chief's home.

A valley bounty hunter is still in jail after police say he and nearly a dozen others descended on a Phoenix home.

They were acting on a tip, looking for a fugitive, but instead went to the home of the Phoenix Police Chief.

That supposed-tip the bounty hunters acted on came from Facebook. Now Phoenix Police are trying to figure out who tipped them, and who the tipster was trying to target.

Close to a dozen people from two different bounty hunter groups swarmed the Chief's home Tuesday night.

So far only 43-year-old Brent Farley has been arrested. Police say he was armed, his weapon was unholstered when he demanded the chief come out of his home.

Police are not saying much about the tip that led the bounty hunters to the home, but say it will take some time to get the IP address of the tipster, and track the IP to its source.

In Arizona bounty hunters are known as bail recovery agents and are monitored by the Arizona Department of Insurance. The agency says they have no record of Brent Farley registering as a bail recovery agent, but the state has very loose regulations when it comes to being a bounty hunter.