Banner Neuro Wellness helps patients with Parkinson's disease

GILBERT, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Doctor's diagnose 60,000 cases of Parkinson's every year. The neuro-degenerative disease can be isolating and cause some patients to become depressed. But one woman says she's found help dealing with her disease from those going through the same thing.

It may look like it, but Banner Neuro Wellness in Gilbert is no ordinary gym.

"It allows people with Parkinson's to exercise for muscles you lose," said Debbie Smith.

Debbie Smith has been coming here since her diagnosis five years ago. She first realized a problem when she sat down to play the piano.

"My left hand wouldn't play right, wouldn't move," said Smith.

The doctor's diagnosis took her by surprise.

"He looked at my husband and I and said you have Parkinson's disease, and I had just turned 52 years old," explained Smith.

But she's found support and comradery from those going through the same thing at Banner Neuro.

"Everybody that comes through those doors has their own struggle, but we're here for you, we're here for them and anything they need, we're willing to help anyway we can," said Cassie Laughery with Banner Neuro Wellness.

Smith helped start the annual Shake, Rattle and Roll fundraiser. This weekend was the fifth year for the event. So far the fundraiser has brought more than $130,000 to go towards Parkinson's research.

"Having this event helps people with Parkinson's have hope again, we become part of society, we become part of the community," said Smith.