Beloved service dog gets own yearbook photo, faculty badge

Here's a photo you might not expect to see in a school yearbook: a dog.

But Linda, a beloved service dog, is no ordinary dog.

Linda is a companion to 11-year-old Rachel, who has Spina Bifida. If Rachel drops anything, Linda helps her pick it up.

"Basically she's like my best friend," Rachel told Fox 35 Orlando.

This year when Linda would go to class with Rachel, she'd start helping other kids too. She could detect when they were nervous during tests and exams, and would come over to comfort them.

Rachel's 5th grade teacher says Linda has become like another student--so much so that when it was time to take yearbook photos, Linda got her own spot in the yearbook, a faculty badge, and was even presented with a plaque.

And although Rachel and Linda are both heading to middle school next year, Rachel's mom promises that both will be coming back to visit.