Ben Shapiro to speak at GCU after it initially spurned him, Young America's Foundation

PHOENIX (FOX 10/FOX NEWS) -- The on-again, off-again appearance of conservative author and speaker Ben Shapiro at Grand Canyon University is now back on.

The Christian university extended an invitation for Shapiro to speak on Tuesday, after some controversy involving the speaking engagement. Some students of GCU say they were looking forward to Shapiro speaking on campus.

"Ben Shapiro, we think he is very intellectual, stands for freedom of thought, wants to bring controversial issues up onto the stage," said Sean Headrick.

GCU officials say the national organization of Young America's Foundation (YAF) announced publicly on December 11 that Shapiro will be speaking at GCU. That was the same day GCU's YAF chapter submitted the guest speaker request to GCU officials, and the university had yet to start its approval process.

However, the two sides differ on whether YAF failed to contact the school first, and whether Shapiro is a victim of political correctness. GCU then said it would work directly with Shapiro to bring him to campus, but Shapiro rejected that offer in a tweet Wednesday.

GCU later responded by issuing a statement.

Some students were bummed.

"It is kind of sad to hear from someone who just wants to see him, but I totally understand what he is standing for," said Ezekiel Taylor. "He doesn't want GCU to have a power move over YAF."

GCU officials say it would be happy to have Shapiro come to campus, but it wants him to work with the GCU's chapter of YAF and not the national headquarters of the group.

On Thursday, however, YAF spokesman Spencer Brown tweeted that an agreement between GCU and YAF had been reached. Shapiro's appearance at the Christian university is now back on.