Bobcat trapped in car grille to return to Arizona forest

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) - An Arizona bobcat that survived getting stuck inside an oncoming car is going back into the wild.

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials say the bobcat will be released Friday into Tonto National Forest after being rescued a week ago.

A couple driving in Scottsdale on Jan. 2 hit the animal after it darted into their path.

Upon reaching their destination, the man inspected his Mazda sedan and saw the very much alive bobcat trapped in the plastic grille.

Game and Fish employees sedated the 7-pound animal and removed it.

The bobcat has spent the past week at the Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Scottsdale, where it was evaluated by a veterinarian.

Game and Fish officials called the bobcat's survival without any major injuries a New Year's miracle.