Body camera video showing Cardinals GM arrest released

On Wednesday, body camera video showing the arrest of Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim's arrest for DUI in Chandler over the Fourth of July weekend.

The biggest thing that caught everyone's eye when they read the initial police report is that Keim didn't say who he really was. As it turns out, the body camera footage says otherwise.

The original Chandler Police report says Keim told officers that he was the team's Director of Security, and that he knew a Sean McKenzie. The officer interpreted that as Keim referring to a detective that was killed in an off-duty collision four years ago. Now, Chandler Police officials now say that's incorrect.

The man Keim is talking about is Shawn Kinsey, the team's Director of Security. The NFL mandate is that organization members contact their team's Director of Security.

After Keim was placed in custody, he alludes to that when he spots a text message from Kinsey, and two minutes later, Keim seen on the phone talking with Kinsey.

Keim also said that Kinsey works for Chandler Police, but Chandler Police officials say that's not the case. Keim also admitted to police that he had a prior DUI conviction from 1996. That and the blood alcohol level could ultimately determine how the NFL and the Cardinals proceed with any discipline.