Bond for woman accused of plotting to hide her daughter has been lowered

The alleged mastermind behind a plot to hide a young Mesa mother and her infant is out of jail, on bail.

Jones and her husband, Roland, were arrested in September as they tried to flee the state. Jones has been behind bars for a month and a half, while her husband and daughter have already been released. On Thursday, a judge lowered Cassandra Jones' bond from to $5,000, from $50,000

Jones' attorney says her health has deteriorated since she's been in jail, and asked for a lower bond.

"She really cant eat anything," said Jones' attorney, Jesus Acosta. "She's lost over 25 lbs, and obviously that causes concern."

At the hearing, Baby William's father begged the judge to keep her in jail. Through his attorney, Baby Williams' father fought to keep the grandmother behind bars, saying she was cold and calculating, and used violence to manipulate her family. He claims there's no limit to the extent of her deceptions.

"My son was missing for nearly four months, because of a plot she came up with," said Craig Raymond, attorney for Baby William's father. "My ex-wife has told the court that she only left with my son because that's what her mother told her to do."

The plot has torn the Jones household apart. Cassandra, Roland, and Madeleine all face felony charges. They are forbidden to have any contact with Baby William or his father, and the three cannot have any contact with each other.

The Jones' have younger daughters.