Boston police boat rescues stranded groom, saving wedding

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L-R: Patrick Mahoney, Hannah (Crawford) Mahoney and Police Officer Joe Matthews on the dock at Thompson Island in Boston Harbor on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of Boston Police Department)

The Boston Police Department's harbor patrol unit is used to helping boaters in distress but last weekend the harbor cops rescued a man in danger of missing his own wedding.

Patrick Mahoney was set to get hitched last Saturday on Thompson Island, where his bride-to-be — Hannah Crawford — was already waiting.

But the ferry boat that was supposed to take the groom, groomsmen, photographer, DJ, and even the floral arrangements to the island in the middle of Boston Harbor had broken down at the dock, police said. 

"While the bride was already on the island, the officers were informed that the groom was standing by at the delayed ferry boat," police said in a Facebook post. "The officers took it upon themselves to ensure that all parties involved, as well as the floral arrangements, made it safely to their intended destination out in the harbor."

Officer Joe Matthews transported more than a dozen people to the island on his police boat so that Mahoney and Crawford's ceremony and celebration could go on as planned.

"They were there very quickly to get my groomsmen and all of our vendors out here to the island and kind of save the day," Mahoney told The Boston Globe.

A few hours later, Matthews returned to the island to "share a laugh and congratulate the newly married couple," police said. 

"It was good to get a nice call for a change and help people out," Matthews told the Globe. "They seemed happy, and we were happy we could do it. It all worked out."

In the Facebook post, the police department congratulated Mahoney and Crawford and praised the cops.

"The men and women of the Boston Police Department join with Officers Joe Matthews and Stefani McGrath to congratulate the couple as they celebrate their very special day," Boston PD said, "and we thank our officers for going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they could enjoy it together."

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