Boy, 7, uses birthday money to replace bike stolen from man

A 7-year-old boy bought a brand new bike for a total stranger.

John Taylor was getting food at McDonald's in the Sodo district of Orlando, when a thief jumped on Taylor's bicycle and rode off with it.

Taylor ran out into traffic after the thief, running in front of Matthew Nebe and his mom Suzanne's car. Suzanne stopped to call Orlando police. The thief was gone by the time officers arrived. That's when 7-year-old Nebe got an idea.

"He didn't have anyway to get home, and what if he could have never got home for the rest of his life?" wondered Nebe.

Nebe was on his way to a friend's birthday party and just had an early birthday of his own. Stocked with gift cards to Target, and a store across the street, Nebe told his mom he wanted to buy Taylor a new bike.

"I said, 'Matthew, we're going to be late for your friend's birthday party. Is that okay with you?' And he said yes. Then he said, 'Mom, I want to do something for him,'" Suzanne explained.

Taylor got a brand new bike from Target. Two days later, he located his stolen bike. When he asked the person with the bike if it belonged to them, they replied yes. Until Taylor called police, and the suspect fled.

Matthew and his mom are happy that Taylor now has two bikes to get around town on.