Boy with 'Hero Arm' takes drink with right hand for first time

A 12-year-old Green Bay, Wisconsin, boy used his brand new “Hero Arm” to take a drink with his right hand for the very first time on December 6.

Jonathan Wainwright was born without a right hand due to a rare condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome, according to reports. His parents discovered Open Bionics, a UK-based company, who developed the Hero Arm.

Jonathan’s Hero Arm has an Iron Man design, based on the Marvel series.

“Hey guys, this is Jonathan and I’m about to take a drink of apple juice with my right hand for the first time, he says in this video. At the end of the video, he gives a thumbs-up and smiles.

His father, Curt Wainwright, wrote about the experience on Twitter, calling it a “Proud parent moment!”