Brooke and Priscilla keeping us entertained on the radio l Moms on a Mission

"I went on FOX 10 with spit up in my hair. Core memory? I’ll never forget it, but ya know, you do what you gotta do," said Brooke.

Nobody said that motherhood is glamorous, well maybe aside from Hollywood. It's not, especially the newborn phase.

So here's the backstory to spit in Brooke's hair – from Bo, her first son.

"He was so colicy and would not sleep," she said. "I had to feed him and rush out the door, and I did not look in the mirror as well as I should have."

I don't believe it's been said that motherhood is a walk in the park.

"Oh, it’s just a walk in the park, Jurassic Park is what I say, because it’s a lot and I just try my best," said Brooke.

brooke hoover and kids

Brooke Hoover and her kids

Motherhood can certainly be one of life's greatest challenges.

"The days are long and the years are short, and I think that’s so true," said Brooke "You just have to try your best. I’m no expert. I’m not thriving. I’m surviving."

Some days really are tough, but it's amazing that at the same time, motherhood really is life's greatest gift for this mother of two.

"It’s changed my whole life in the best possible way," said Brooke. "Is it hard? Of course, but it’s made me less selfish."

It's a love like no other.

"I love them so much it hurts," said Brooke. "I can’t explain it, but every mom knows what I’m talking about."

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And that includes this mom, who's also Brooke's iHeartMedia colleague and close friend, Priscilla from Mix 96.9.

"It’s the most bittersweet journey I’ve ever experienced in my life," said Priscilla. "It is the most beautiful and fulfilling, but also the most heart wrenching."

Priscilla is also a mom of two to Lyla and Jax. But her journey as a mother started when she was just 18.

"I will say that the mom my oldest got is not the same mom that my youngest got, and that was really hard for me to accept for a long time," she said.

Priscilla's mother emigrated from Mexico, so she's a first-generation Latino, and she knew that she wanted to give her daughter, Lyla, the best life possible.

"Even though I struggled as a single mom, I still knew that I wanted more out of life," she said.

priscilla and her family

Priscilla Ornelas, her kids and her mom

Both Brooke and Priscilla are on these amazing journeys with the loves of their lives.

"He is the best dad. He’s great," said Brooke.

"We’ve only been married for about three years, and we have two kids," said Priscilla. "I got pregnant four weeks after getting married."

They wasted no time, but they wouldn't have it any other way. They're grateful for the mutual friend that brought them together.

And as for more babies by Brooke, the answer is…

"No, no. I am ready to get out of production and into management with the children," she said.

And that amazing sense of humor is why so many love her. 

Priscilla and her husband Michael's love story is pretty funny, too. 

"I was in Vegas for a bachelorette party," she said.

Priscilla had to find a man wearing a bow tie as part of a scavenger hunt. So she took a picture with him.

"The other thing on the list was get a guy to upload a photo of you to his social media," she explained.

He let her post this picture

"I captioned it for him and I said look who I met in Vegas, my future wife, can’t wait to fall in love," she said. "I did that, and I’m like I don’t care if you think I’m crazy. I’m never going to see him again. That is the best love story ever. I know and here we are."

Who knew you could meet Mr. Wonderful in Vegas.

"Listen, I wouldn’t recommend it because I think I’m the exception, not the rule, but it really worked out," said Priscilla.

Ten years later, it sure did. 

Both of these women are examples that if you want it all, you can have it.

brooke and priscilla

Brooke Hoover and Priscilla Ornelas

"I worked for iHeartMedia for 13 years," said Brooke. "I started in North Carolina, then I moved out here eight years ago."

And now, she's on the Valley's number one country station, the "Tim, Brooke & Barrel" show.

"If I can do this, and if I can be here, if I can have a great family and great career, I want people that are going through things to know they can too," said Priscilla.