Bull charges California Highway Patrol officer, barely missing him

A California Highway Patrol officer barely avoided disaster when he narrowly escaped a charging bull in rural Susanville, roughly 189 miles north of Sacramento. 

"Holy Cow!!" the CHP wrote on their Facebook page with a video of the incident. "Our Officer Pratt caught on camera one of the many dangers we face on a daily basis here in rural northeastern California. Susanville CHP regularly handles calls of large animals that are outside of fenced areas and are threatening our motoring public by walking into the highway."

In the video, Pratt can be seen evading the ferocious bull within an inch of his life. Pratt’s police car dashcam captured the entire encounter on video. 

Pratt can be seen exhaling a sigh of relief moments after the bull nearly gores him.

According to CHP, officers often respond to calls regarding lost farm animals that wander onto local highways after escaping their enclosures. 

"This meat locomotive decided it had enough of being told what to do. Fortunately, Officer Pratt escaped relatively unscathed! Remember to always buckle up, never drink and drive, and call CHP to handle those pesky cows that are outside their fences," CHP wrote.