Burglary suspect hit by car, killed on I-10 while running from police

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Police say a man who stole lottery tickets from a convenience store is dead after he was hit by a car on Interstate 10 while running away from officers.

According to Phoenix police, two men stole lottery tickets from a convenience store near I-10 and 35th Avenue on Wednesday night and drove away from the scene in a stolen 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt.

Officers later spotted the car about a mile away, near 39th Avenue and McDowell Road, before it crashed into another vehicle.

No one was hurt in the crash and both cars involved drove away. The two suspects then headed to I-10 where they got off at the 51st Avenue exit and crashed the stolen car again, this time into a sign.

Police say the suspects then got out of the car and ran away, but the 22-year-old driver was taken into custody.

The passenger ran back toward I-10 and was hit by a car on the freeway.

"The passenger who actually had the lottery tickets stolen... some of those tickets are scattered on the canal bank. He is the only who attempted to cross the Interstate 10, its night time and unfortunately, he was hit by a westbound vehicle," Sgt. Tommy Thompson said.

The suspect died at the scene.

Police have not identified the suspects and they say no one else was hurt during the burglary or crashes.