Business owners assess damage, clean up following Friday's storm

Fast and furious winds from yesterday's monsoon left major damage behind. Today, cleanup is underway in West Phoenix where the storm blew off an entire roof.

The three-thousand pound metal roof was no match for Friday's powerful storm. Today the car wash is closed as workers try to pick up the pieces.

It looks like a piece of aluminum foil, but a wider shot shows that this is a roof.

Fast-moving wind ripped the heavy metal sheet off of this car wash sending it flying onto the neighboring business.

"There was dust storm coming this way and then the wind picking up this way and they just seem to hit right here and that's what send everything in a tizzy, said Bob Klarer, the owner of the car wash.

A perfect storm, if you will, of dust, wind and rain that hit 17th Ave and Buckeye.

People found pieces of the roof up to three blocks away.

Debris scattered on homes, cars and trees.

"It was just a mess… there was stuff everywhere," said Klarer. "It just upset equipment in the equipment room. I was just amazed [at] the power of it."

At the business next door, a crane removed the estimated three-thousand-pound metal sheet.

"When ii showed up, I realized that his roof was sitting on my roof and the other part of his roof was sitting on that corner," said Russ Liuzzo, the owner of a neighboring business.

"There was 2x6 running horizontally across it, 2 feet on center, and they are mounted down to the sides and it just sucked it right up, boards and everything."

The wicked weather also knocked over this block wall, but fortunately, no one was hurt in all of the chaos.

"The thing that was amazing was that its only here," said Liuzzo. "Nothing across the street… nothing over there… just here in this little acre."

This business will remain closed until repairs are made. The owner expects insurance will pay for the costs.