Mind 2 Body Healing l Moms on a Mission

Step inside Mind 2 Body Healing where we meet Dr. Kylee Austin and Dr. Tara Sullivan.

"Mind 2 Body Healing is a pelvic floor physical therapy clinic," said Dr. Austin.

Dr. Austin is a mom of three boys, including twins, who she's raising with her husband, Josh.

"My husband and I are high school sweethearts," she said. "We met at Mount Ridge High School."

They've been married for 12 years. Their son, Tristan, is now 8 and Keegan and Kayden are 6 years old.

"Being a mom has just changed everything for me," said Dr. Austin. "I feel like it’s elevated how I approach life and made me and forced me to really get my priorities in place and focus on someone outside of myself."

Dr. Sullivan, a single mother, is raising her 10-year-old son Lawson, who she says is just like her.

"He's very strong-willed, very opinionated, but he also is very kind, very compassionate, sweet boy, gifted. He's very smart," she said.

As a mom, she's dedicated to leading by example.

"For me, going to work is liberating," she said. "It’s my independence. It’s showing him that not just women, but we can’t do it all."

Together, these moms are doing all they can to help others heal. Together, they opened Mind 2 Body Healing three months ago.

"I did get into pelvic floor therapy because I like most of our patients had pelvic floor dysfunction and mine included pelvic pain." Dr. Sullivan said.

That was even before her pregnancy.

Now, Dr. Sullivan has more than 12 years of experience, having grown an entire pelvic floor program for 12 HonorHealth locations Valleywide.

"I just knew it was my calling," she said.

Dr. Austin's journey through motherhood and a career in health and physical fitness inspired her to go back to school.

"Through my twin mom journey, I learned so much about the pelvic floor and how much that can be affected through pregnancy," she said.

Dr. Austin earned her doctorate from Northern Arizona University, and Dr. Sullivan earned hers through A.T. Still University in Mesa.

So, what is our pelvic floor?

"The pelvic floor is the bowl of muscles that support our pelvis," said Dr. Austin.

"The muscles go from the pubic bone to tailbone, so they connect all the way down," said Dr. Sullivan.

The pelvic floor supports all of our organs. For moms, it supports a growing baby.

mind 2 body

"The pelvic floor is connected to the hip, it’s connected to the abdominal muscles, the back and so the pelvic floor could be the heart of what’s really happening," said Dr. Sullivan.

For women, pelvic floor therapy consists of an internal examination and exercise.

"We would check the abdominal wall first," said Dr. Sullivan.

From there, your exercises and plan of care will be determined.

For these doctors and mothers, to them a mother is…

"A superhero who has to give themselves without expecting anything in return," said Dr. Austin.

"Powerful," said Dr. Sullivan. "I feel that we as moms need to lean on each other and know we're not alone."

That's why these "Moms on a Mission" want to help moms heal.

"We help the entire person," said Dr. Austin.