Cab driver dies; friend remembers victim

It's a sad story FOX 10 told you about a couple of weeks ago. A valley cab driver died after he was beaten while trying to intervene in a fight between a couple.

"I remember a really fun loving, warm natured person, he had a real talent for telling stories," said Jeffrey Herman.

Jeffrey Herman remembering his friend, 39-year-old Andrew Carnavale, a valley cab driver who died Monday in hospice care following a brutal beating on February 2.

Carnavale was dropping a woman off at a Scottsdale apartment complex when police say her boyfriend D.B. Starnes III came out from the apartment and started a fight with the woman.

Andrew tried to help her out, and that's when the suspect allegedly attacked Carnavale leaving him in a coma.

The suspect's girlfriend sent Herman an e-mail calling Carnavale a hero.

"I am the woman your friend saved that Monday night; I want to start with how unbelievable brave he is, and how thankful I and my family are. Andrew gave me a second chance at life. He risked everything, he is and was for me that night, he is my hero," read Herman.

"When I got this e-mail from her that was confirmation for me that he really did stand in for somebody and how heroic his act was," he said.

The suspect told police he was defending himself, saying Carnevale went after him, but police say that story doesn't add up since Starnes' only injury was a small scrape to the knee.

If you would like to help with Carnevale's medical bills you can donate here:

Cab driver assaulted in Scottsdale dies