Camp offers freedom from responsibility for adults, with sacrifice

A trend happening around the country, and the idea behind a Summer Camp for adults has sparked an idea to create "Camp Unplugg'd"

It's described as the first summer camp for grownups in Arizona, and it offers three days to unplug from technology and hang out up in the pines near Prescott. It's a digital detox retreat that offers freedom from responsibility. Attendees, however, need to be ready to surrender their cell phones.

"As soon as campers come in, they turn in their cell phones," said Arian Shirakhoon, the founder of Camp Unplugg'd. "It's for 54 hours. We relinquish all technology and all clocks as well

A chance to be in the moment.
And escape the stresses of every day life.

Arian: we are so connected in the digital world its almost like an addiction its so easy to be on your phone all your time 84 percent of adults cannot go one day without their cell phone so I said lets bring it into 2017 and add in a little mindfulness and yoga and really cater it toward adults

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Even archery and zip lining!
Arian: its really more about being in the moment in this day and age you loes that face to face communication

"Camp unplugg'd" includes meals.. And cabin accomodations..
Like any summer camp -- no alcohol.. Or illegal drugs are allowed.