Canada eager to take in Dreamers, should immigration stalemate continue

Just across the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit, Michigan is Windsor, a city of over 200,000 people located in Canada's Ontario province. It is a place Dreamers from America could move to, now that President Trump has declared the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program will end in six months.

Marwan Zarif's Canadian immigration consulting business, called Canada By Choice Immigration Consultants, has reportedly seen lots of interest.

"We are already seeing that in the last two days, we had 600 inquiries online at," said Zarif, in an interview conducted via Skype. "600 inquiries to fill out our application. We were surprised by that."

Windsor is a city that is close to Detroit, with lots of manufacturing and engineering jobs, along with a growing tech sector. Canada, meanwhile, would love to have highly-trained Dreamers hit the road, and head north.

"People are worried about their future, trying to find opportunities in Canada," said Zarif. "They look at Canada as Plan B, in case things don't go well in the States for them."

Meanwhile, Vancouver, located on Canada's Pacific coast, is another prime destination for Dreamers if Congress doesn't pass legislation that will let them stay in the United States. The city has a booming tech business, and so much film and television production that the city is a part of what's called, along with Toronto, "Hollywood North."

"Well, I think we will see an uptick in business," said Rudolf Kischer with MKS Immigration Lawyers, during a Skype interview. "It is a very sad decision for people living down there, but there are opportunities for them to come to Canada. We are openly looking for highly-educated young people who speak English."

Canada, it appears, is eager to absorb America's top talent, should America's immigration stalemate continues.